Accommodation in Aashrams

The Hostels known as Ashrams are the soul of the Premier Institution where the in-mates reside in the proper care of their Houser Masters and House Mothers (Aashram Mataji). There are twenty one sets. Every set comprises of three houses and a Kitchen centrally  located.  Every house accommodates nearly 20 to 30 students.

Students have to do their daily chores like Sweeping and Wiping floors, Washing utensils, Serving meals and Breakfast  themselves.  Meals  and   Breakfast  for   the set  are prepared by the cooks under the supervision and care of the kitchen-in-charge, the wife of the House master appointed for two years by rotation.

The hall-mark of this residential institution is its unique house system where boys learn the art of living life in an organized and disciplined manners. Every house is conceived just like a home away from home which fosters the emotional needs particularly smaller children. In every house internal co-curricular activities are conducted weekly to promote Coveted activities among the inmates. The school also provides  sumptuous  and  Nutritious  diet   to  the inmates.

There are twenty one Aashrams divided into seven sets. The names of the Aashrams are-

Name of Aashram

Head Master

1st Set

Shanti Aashram

Shri. Prasad Paswan
Gautam Aashram Shri. Murlidhar Kotwar
Arun Aashram Shri. Ramakant Ganjan Marathe

2nd Set

Anand Aashram

Shri. Dr. Anuranjan Jha
Prem Aashram Shri. Dr. Awadh Bihari Dubey
Arjun Aashram Shri. Dr. Girindra Prasad

3rd Set

Kishore Aashram

Achrya Shri. Suresh Kumar Jha
Saket Aashram Shri. Anshuman Chaterjee
Ashok Aashram Shri. Dr. Suresh Prasad Yadav

4th Set

Taxila Aashram

Shri. Awadh Bihari Dubey
Nalanda Aashram Shri. Rajkumar Prasad
Vikram Aashram Shri. Rajesh Kumar Ray

5th Set

Raman Aashram

Shri. Ram Naresh
Bose Aashram Achrya Shri. Rajendra Prasad Gupta
Bhabha Aashram Shri. Mazhar Ali

6th Set

Ramkrishna Aashram Shri. V. Pandey
Arvind Aashram Shri. Hari Kishor Singh
Pradeep Aashram Shri. Kalanand Singh

7th Set

Kapil Aashram Shri. Anil Kumar Singh
Kanve Aashram Shri A. K. Pathak
Kanad Aashram Shri. Dr. Upendra Prasad


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