वंदे ! वंदे हे ! सुन्दर मम सखा नेतरहाट सदा,
वंदे हे ! सुन्दर मम सखा नेतरहाट |
उषा के साथ जागे, प्रतिदिन मंगलमय हो | कार्यपूर्ण प्रतिपल हो, ज्ञानवृद्धि जनहित हो |
अनंतर का मधुमय गाये संगीत सदा, | वंदे ! वंदे हे !
साधक हैं समता के, सत्य न्याय करुणा के | हिंद प्रेम सम्बल है, विश्व प्रेम साध्य बना |
जन-जन में ज्योति जगे, सत चित्त आनंद सदा |
वंदे ! वंदे हे ! सुन्दर मम सखा नेतरहाट सदा,
वंदे हे ! सुन्दर मम सखा नेतरहाट |

--लेखन, संगीत एवँ स्वर - स्वo महेश नारायण सक्सेना

Salutations to thee O Netarhat, perennial friend and benefactor
You who rise everyday from the pillow of the azure horizon,
And in whose embrace each day becomes an emblem of sacredness;

You who ensure the daily fulfillment of pious tasks,
Inspire and encourage the endless quest for knowledge in men
You, who make the heart sing songs of exquisite sweetness
Salutations to thee O Netarhat!

You who have fashioned us into champions and practitioners
Of equality, truth, justice and tolerance; you who define love for the motherland
And make love for our earth a staple emotion in the creation of world citizenry;
You who have taught us to strive for the removal of the darkness of ignorance,
And to besprinkle sunlit drops of awareness in all minds,
Making leaning an ecstatic enterprise of the heart and soul
You, O Netarhat, Salutations to thee!

--Translation by - Prof. B S Mallick, Ex-Principal, Netarhat School





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