Vidyalaya Vikas Kosh

Netarhat Vidyalaya Vikas Kosh is an Alumni Fund set up to support Netarhat Vidyalaya's mission of education for all. It provides necessary funding for the school's vision to grow and keep up with the technological advancement that is so necessary to be at the forefront of providing education which is at par with global standards.

It's your opportunity to make a difference. It is an appeal before the NOBA units all over - India and abroad - to consider donating generously, in cash or kind, in favour of Netarhat Vidyalaya Samiti.

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Name of A/c : Netarhat Vidyalaya Vikash kosh

A/c No. : 11873383941

IFSC : SBIN0002985

MICR : 829002605


- In March 2014, Shri Abhay Kumar - an ex student and entrepreneur settled in Mumbai, donated 25 desktop Lenovo computers for the use of school students.

- In May 2014, Smt Geetashree Oraon - Hon'ble Minister of Human Resource Development, gifted 2 dozen hockey sticks and balls, 2 dozen footballs and cricket kits to encourage Netarhat Vidyalaya’s budding sportsmen.

- In May 2014, Shri Bajrang Bihari Singh - an ex student, announced donation of 1% of his pension money every month to Vidyalaya Vikash Kosh account meant for taking care of the expenses on the sundry items otherwise not covered under

the state government grants-in-aid. He also presented a cheque for Rs 5000 as his contribution for the financial year 2014-15.

- On the occasion of the school’s Diamond Jubilee function in November2014, USA NOBA collectively and Shri Roshan Prakash from Delhi NOBA individually, contributed Rs1 lakh each for Vidyalaya Vikash Kosh.

Constitution of Sub-committee for proper administration and management of Netarhat School Development Fund (Netarhat Vidyalaya Vikas Kosh) held in the bank account of Netarhat Vidyalaya Samiti


Under Sub-rule/ clause (pa pa)(chha) of Rule/ clause-20: Powers and Duties of Working/ Executive Committee of Netarhat Vidyalaya Niyamavali (Netarhat School By-laws), the responsibility for laying down the procedure, conditions, powers etc for receiving and utilizing donations, grants and gifts from external sources is vested with the Executive Committee, and the power to formulate Sub- rules pertaining to this subject is again similarly vested with the Executive Committee. For this purpose, a separate account is provided in the name of Netarhat Vidyalaya Vikas Kosh in the Netarhat Branch of the State Bank of India.


This sub-committee shall be known as the Sub-committee for proper administration and management of Netarhat Vidyalaya Vikas Kosh Constitution

Principal Chairman
Vice Principal Member
Administrative Officer Member
Teacher Nominee,to be nominated by Local Management Committee in rotation for 1 year Member
Member Nominee from Netarhat Vidyalaya Samiti (General Body/ Executive Committee), nominated by the Executive Committee Member
Two former students and two former teachers of Netarhat, to be nominated by Global NOBA Member


This sub-committee shall adopt working procedures as per powers conferred vide Sub-rule/ clause, 2016 for proper administration and management of Netarhat Vidyalaya Vikas Kosh, formulated and approved by the Executive Committee Sub-rule/ clause, 2016 for proper administration and management of Netarhat Vidyalaya Vikas Kosh

  • The fund of Netarhat Vidyalaya Vikas Kosh will be held in the Netarhat Branch of the State Bank of India.

  • The powers for receipt and drawal from the Vikas Kosh will be vested with the Executive Committee.

  • The sub-committee is to formulate the guiding principles and procedures with respect to receipt and drawal in the Kosh and submit them to the Executive Commmittee for consideration and approval.

  • Towards proper administration and management of the Vikas Kosh, the sub-committee shall follow the financial directives and procedures in vogue in government offices.

  • Principal, Netarhat School-cum- Member Secretary, Netarhat Vidyalaya Samiti and Administrative Officer will be authorised to operate the account of the Vikas Kosh. The Treasurer will be authorised in case of vacancy of the postion of the Administrative Officer.

  • The sub-committee will meet at least once every quarter.

  • The decisions taken after discussion on the points of the agenda will be duly recorded in a register.

  • Decisions in the meeting shall be unanimous. In case of dissent, decisions will be arrived at through majority of the members present. The decision/s will be ratified by the Executive Committee.






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